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2005 Plan

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The County of Hawaiʻi’s General Plan is the policy document for the long range comprehensive development of the island of Hawaiʻi. The purposes of the general plan are to:

  • Guide the pattern of future development in this County based on long-term goals;
  • Identify the visions, values, and priorities important to the people of this County;
  • Provide the framework for regulatory decisions, capital improvement priorities, acquisition strategies, and other pertinent government programs within the County organization and coordinated with State and Federal programs.
  • Improve the physical environment of the County as a setting for human activities; to make it more functional, beautiful, healthful, interesting, and efficient.
  • Promote and safeguard the public interest and the interest of the County as a whole.
  • Facilitate the democratic determination of community policies concerning the utilization of its natural, man-made, and human resources.
  • Effect political and technical coordination in community improvement and development.
  • Inject long-range considerations into the determination of short-range actions and implementation.

The current Hawaiʻi County General Plan was adopted by ordinance in February 2005. The drafting process of the plan took several years and involved several levels of public involvement. The overarching goal of the plan is to guide future development in a way that fosters healthy community vison and values.

Table of Contents
History of the Plan
Comprehensive Review
Land Use and LUPAG
Community Development Plans (CDP)

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