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Community Vision & Focus Areas

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Overarching Vision

In the year 2025, Downtown Hilo has a vibrant, thriving, and diversified economy that supports its residents, visitors, and local businesses with a gathering place that builds on the community’s unique scientific, educational, historical, spiritual, cultural and artistic assets.

Downtown Hilo in 2025 is a green, sustainable environment with protected natural resources—magnificent vistas, pristine waters, pure sweet air, and historic charm.

Downtown Hilo in 2025 carefully manages its growth and development through sound planning and policies that accommodate change while preserving its unique historical characters, natural features, and quality of life.

Downtown Hilo in 2025 is a friendly, safe, and healthy community with affordable housing, accessible health care, low levels of crime, well-maintained streets, pedestrian pathways, public places, and a wealth of recreational activities for families and youth.

Downtown Hilo in 2025 is a global magnet for education, culture and the arts. In 2025, Downtown Hilo continues to build on its rich Hawaiian, ethnic, and cultural diversity and shares these resources with the community and the rest of the world.

Downtown Hilo in 2025 is synonymous with the spirit of Aloha, a community that celebrates its unique character, rich heritage, generational values, and vision for the future. Our hometown, Downtown Hilo, is a welcoming neighborhood like no other – a wonderful place to live, work, and play.