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A Glossary of EDH 2025 Terms & Acronyms

  • Action:
    A specific project or activity intended to help implement a given strategy.
  • Action Plan:
    How a community intends to arrive at its vision, step-by-step over time.
  • Capacity Building:
    A process that empowers people to plan for the future, address issues, and manage and solve problems.
  • Coastal Zone Management:
    A unique federal-state partnership program that provides a basis for protecting, restoring, and responsibly developing the nation’s important and diverse coastal communities and resources.
  • Community Values:
    A community’s most deeply held shared ideals and beliefs that serve as guiding principles. Community Values are the foundation for a community’s vision and action plan.
  • Constraints:
    Things that may impede the implementation of a strategy.
  • Easy Wins:
    Vision-friendly activities or projects that are visible and can be organized and accomplished simply, inexpensively and quickly - ideally in less than one year.
  • Lead Solution Partners:
    Groups, individuals, organizations, and government agencies that are willing to take the lead role for achieving an action.
  • Living Plan:
    A plan that doesn’t sit on the shelf. It is based on community values, and is alive and organic.
  • Opportunities:
    Things that may promote the implementation of a strategy.
  • Smart Growth:
    An evolving group of ideas about how to better manage urban growth and development. Learn more about Smart Growth Principles.
  • Special Management Area:
    SMAs are an area where significant attention is paid to the potential impact that a development may have on coastal qualities. The SMA includes all lands and waters beginning at the shoreline and extending inland or mauka for at least 100 yards. The SMA does not include any areas or waters seaward of the shoreline because the State has jurisdiction beyond the shoreline.
  • Strategy:
    A major initiative designed to achieve some aspect of our community’s overarching vision. In the visioning process, strategies are the community’s vision ideas rephrased as a path to achieving those ideas.
  • Supporting Partners:
    Groups, organizations, agencies or individuals who would support or are needed to achieve an action. Includes agencies who require permits, code amendments, etc.
  • Sustainability:
    Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs and opportunities of future generations.
  • Trends:
    Key external forces of change that are driving our community into the future.
  • Vision Focus Areas:
    The central themes around which a vision is organized.
  • Vision Timeframe:
    A target year for the vision. For Downtown Hilo, the target year is 2025. Note that some of our vision will be achieved long before the target year is reached.
  • Visioning:
    A process through which any community can envision the future it wants, plan how to achieve it, and begin to implement it. Through visioning, a community answers the following questions: Where are we now? Where are we going? Where do we want to be? How do we get there? Are we getting there?

Acronyms to Know

  • AAUW:
    American Association of University Women
  • ADA:
    Americans with Disabilities Act
  • AIA:
    American Institute of Architects
  • AM&C:
    Alice Moon & Company (private business)
  • BIRC&D:
    Big Island Resource Conservation and Development Council
  • BIVB:
    Big Island Visitors Bureau
  • CDH:
    Commercial District
  • COH:
    County of Hawai‘i
  • CTAHR:
    College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources
  • DBEDT:
    State of Hawai‘i Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism
  • DCAB:
    Disability and Communication Access Board
  • DCCA:
    Hawai‘i State Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs
  • DEM:
    Department of Environmental Management, County of Hawai‘i
  • DIA:
    Hilo Downtown Improvement Association
  • DLNR:
    Hawai‘i State Department of Land and Natural Resources
  • DMV:
    State of Hawai‘i Department of Motor Vehicles
  • DOE:
    State of Hawai‘i Department of Education
  • DPW:
    Department of Public Works, County of Hawai‘i
  • EDH 2025:
    EnVision Downtown Hilo 2025
  • EHC Council:
    East Hawai`i Cultural Council
  • FDHSC:
    Friends of Downtown Hilo Steering Committee
  • FEMA:
    Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • GIS-UHH:
    Geographical Information System, University of Hawai‘i at Hilo
  • HAWCC:
    Hawai`i Community College
  • HCC:
    Hawai`i County Corrections
  • HCEOC:
    Hawai`i County Economic Opportunity Council
  • HELCO:
    Hawai`i Electric Light Company
  • HICC:
    Hawai`i Island Chamber of Commerce
  • HIEDB:
    Hawai`i Island Economic Development Board
  • HOFA:
    Hawai`i Organic Farmers Association
  • HSTA:
    Hawai`i State Teachers Association
  • HSTAR:
    Hawai`i State Retired Teachers Association
  • HTA:
    Hawai`i Tourism Authority
  • HVCB:
    Hawai`i Visitors and Convention Bureau
  • JCC:
    Japanese Chamber of Commerce
  • KIA:
    Kanoelehua Industrial Area Association
  • KSBE:
    Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estate
  • NCL:
    Norwegian Cruise Line
  • OHA:
    Office of Hawaiian Affairs
  • OHCD:
    Office of Housing and Community Development
  • P&R:
    Department of Parks & Recreation, County of Hawai‘i
  • PATH:
    People’s Advocacy for Trails Hawai‘i
  • PD:
    Planning Department, County of Hawai‘i
  • PO:
    United States Post Office
  • PTSA:
    Parent Teacher Student Association
  • R&D:
    Department of Research & Development, County of Hawai‘i
  • RPTD:
    Real Property Tax Division, County of Hawai‘i
  • RSVP:
    Retired Senior Volunteer Program
  • SBA:
    Small Business Association, Federal Agency
  • SBDC:
    Small Business Development Center
  • SHPD:
    (Department of Land and Natural Resources) State Historic Preservation Division
  • UHH:
    University of Hawai‘i at Hilo
  • HBWAG:
    Hilo Bay Watershed Advisory Group
  • YMCA:
    Young Men’s Christian Association
  • YWCA:
    Young Women’s Christian Association